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Our Purpose is to:
Praise God through worship,
Grow as disciples through study,
Share our faith through testimony, and
Serve others through ministry.

Welcome to St. Paul's. We are a family of Christian believers excited about being a part of what God is doing in the world and in our community. We invite you to visit us to see if the rich Spirit of Christ we are experiencing, meets your needs as well. The pastor, staff and church leaders at St. Paul's are committed to excellence in ministry. We are servants and imitators of Christ, eager to share from the rich abundance of His blessings.

Download our Circuit Rider for information about what is happenning this month at St. Paul's.

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Service Times http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/service-times http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/service-times
9:00am Traditional Worship
9:00am - 10:45am Child Care provided
9:00am Sunday School for all ages
10:15am Fellowship Time
10:45am Contemporary Worship
On the first Sunday of every month we celebrate Holy Communion at both services. Here at St. Paul´s, we´ll make sure the first face you see when you approach the church has a smile on it. Whether you need childcare for your toddler, or are looking for a place for your teens, a greeter will be nearby to help you get where you need to go. We are concerned with meeting your real life needs and hope you enjoy our upbeat music. We seek to share practical messages that help you deal with real life issues. and we will even give you a handy outline to follow along and take notes, with the Bible passages included. We hope that what you learn on Sunday, you will be able to use during the week.
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Pastoral Staff http://spcs.stpaulsbrick.org/pastoral-staff-10 http://spcs.stpaulsbrick.org/pastoral-staff-10
Alan Darby
Hector Meza
Director of Youth Ministries
Barbara Estelle
Director of Music / Organist
Judy Propert & Janet Post
Choir Directors
Church Office office@stpaulsbrick.org
Melissa Jensen
Administrative Assistant
Barry Glickman
Christian School Principal
Bill Nadler, Kim Gavaletz,
Lynn Wick, Al Primrose,
Rick Guidice & Gary Deal


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On-Line Sign Up for St.Pauls Church Directory Photo http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/announcements/general/on-line-sign-up-for-st-pauls-church-directory-photo http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/announcements/general/on-line-sign-up-for-st-pauls-church-directory-photo New Church Directory
On-Line Appointment Sign-Up

Please click on the banner below to schedule a time
to be photographed for the new St. Paul's Church Directory.

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35th Annual Variety Show - October 25th http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/ministries/music-ministries/35th-annual-variety-show-october-25th http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/ministries/music-ministries/35th-annual-variety-show-october-25th varietyshow35th Annual
Variety Show!!!!

Celebrating 35 Years of Great Music!

St. Paul’s Music Ministry will present their 35th Annual Variety Show on Saturday, October 25, at 7:00PM. It is hard to believe that the talented children, youth, and adults have been bringing this fun filled show to our congregation and the community for 35 years!! We are really looking forward to our show! Our theme this year will be themes and songs from the last 35 years plus great new music and routines! There will be music from pop and jazz to classical, movies, rock, and Broadway. There is sure to be great music to interest everyone!

All of our choirs (children, youth, adults, Bells, and members of the Praise Team) will be participating as well as many solos, duets, groups, and instrumentals.

Please invite family and friends to join us for another fun evening with St. Paul’s talented musicians!

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Christmas Store - 2014 http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/ministries/other-ministries/christmas-store-2014 http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/ministries/other-ministries/christmas-store-2014

holly 5Christmas Storeholly 6

Christmas Store is coming soon, we will need the following items for hospitality bags:

  • Toothbrushes (in package)
  • Toothpaste (regular size)
  • Shampoo
  • * Combs
  • * Hairbrushes
  • Bars of soap (full size- in the wrapper)
  • Washcloths
  • Deodorant
  • * Baby Shampoo, Powder & Lotion
  • * Boxes of Bandaids
  • Batteries of all sizes
  • Hand Sanitizer (purse size)

*These items are the most needed

Also needed for the Christmas Store “warm tree” are new hats, scarves, caps, gloves and mittens for children of all ages.

All of these items may be deposited in the specially marked boxes in the Narthex. Thanks so much for your support!!!

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New Church Wide Group Study Starts October 26th http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/ministries/christian-learning/new-church-wide-group-study-starts-october-26th http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/ministries/christian-learning/new-church-wide-group-study-starts-october-26th

New Church Wide Group Study!!!

Beginning Oct. 26th we will have a church wide group study. It will be a 4 week program including sermons linked with a small group study. The program is titled “Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity” by Adam Hamilton. The study’s focus is on "redefining people's relationship with money, and taking a careful look on where we find real joy and what our lives are really about." If you are able to host or lead a small group, please contact the church office at 732-458-2080 or e-mail office@stpaulsbrick.org.

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Baked Potato Luncheon - October 26th http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/ministries/united-methodist-women/baked-potato-luncheon-october-26th http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/ministries/united-methodist-women/baked-potato-luncheon-october-26th Baked Potato Luncheon

(Benefiting the Pastor's Discretionary Fund

& the Food Pantry)

Sunday October 26, 2014
10:15AM to 1:30PM


Forms available in the Narthex, Office
or on table outside of Norcross Hall..

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Visit the Holy Land in March 2015 http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/announcements/general/visit-the-holy-land-in-march-2015 http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/announcements/general/visit-the-holy-land-in-march-2015

Visit the Holy Land with Dr. R. Bryan Widbin
March 4-14, 2015

You have an opportunity to experience the wonder of the Holy Land with a world class scholar, teacher and preacher, Dr. R. Bryan Widbin. Many of you were blessed to hear Dr. Widbin speak at St. Paul's a few weeks ago and he wanted to provide our congregation a chance to take an all-inclusive pilgrimage to Israel. This is a special 10 day trip for all ages that will visit many treasured locations in the life and ministry of Jesus. Come walk where Jesus did as you witness places such as the Jordan River, Jericho, the Dead Sea, Meggido, the Mount of Olives, Gethsemane and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The cost for this 10 day trip is $4,450 per person and includes airfare, transportation and meals. For more information please visit www.biblesettings.com, pick up a brochure in the narthex at St. Paul's or speak with our Youth Director, Hector Meza. We hope you and your family will not miss out on this incredible opportunity.

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Pastors Pen - October 2014 http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/pastoral-staff/our-pastor/pastors-pen-october-2014 http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/pastoral-staff/our-pastor/pastors-pen-october-2014 Pastor's Pen
October 2014

by Pastor Alan Darby

Dear Friends,

Stress. Anxiety. Fear. These words capture well the state of mind of many of us in America these days. Over the last several years, we have witnessed dramatic market losses, the collapse of the world’s largest insurance companies, and many bankruptcies and mergers. Every day seems to bring another piece of economic uncertainty.

A recent survey found that over three in four Americans are stressed about their economy and personal finances. Half are worried about providing for their families basic needs. Over half of the respondents reported feeling angry and irritable, and reported lying awake at night worried about this. The report concludes that, “the declining state of the nation’s economy is taking a physical and emotional toll on people nationwide.”

Beginning October the 26th we will be launching a sermon series and church wide study called “Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity.” It’s based on a book by pastor and author Adam Hamilton. During the four weeks following, we will be considering themes of contentment in Christ within a culture and society that tells us “you deserve it now.” Whether or not we can afford it or really even need it. Since many of us have, and perhaps are, struggling with issues of financial management and stewardship of what God has blessed us with, this is the most relevant and practical study. This will build up to our stewardship and consecration Sunday in November, just before Thanksgiving.

In the coming weeks we will be inviting you to sign up for small groups and purchase a copy of Adam Hamilton’s book “Enough.” I really believe all of us will draw benefits from this church wide focus and study. Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow! He is our Great Provider!

In His Regard,
Pastor Al

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Youth - October 2014 http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/pastoral-staff/director-of-youth-ministries/youth-october-2014 http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/pastoral-staff/director-of-youth-ministries/youth-october-2014 Youth
October 2014
by Hector Meza

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. 2 He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit He prunes[a] so that it will be even more fruitful.” John 15:1-2

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Prov. 4:23

One Sunday morning, a few weeks ago, I shared about a flower that Lydia and I had entrusted someone to water while we were on vacation. Unfortunately, the person did not water the plant and we arrived to find a shriveled shadow of the once vibrant flower we left. The leaves and stems had mostly turned brown and I honestly thought that the plant was a goner. I was given some hope by the fact that one stem of the flower remained green and the leaves, though clearly dried up, remained a light green color. We were determined to save the flower and so we watered it profusely and added some fresh soil in the hopes of nurturing our flower back to health.

Our efforts seemed to work as the flower was actually able to regain some of its original beauty, albeit only with 3 flowers remaining that bloomed. I imagined that this was the best that we could hope for this flower after the terrible ordeal it had gone through. Then the most interesting thing occurred. Someone (I can’t remember who, but I believe it was Peggy) told me that I should remove the dead leaves from the flower. I went home and did as was suggested. Since then the flower has completely thrived and has even sprouted new stems that look to be producing flowers themselves. It was a miraculous turn of events, but the most dramatic change came from not merely adding good things but taking away the dead things that were choking the plant.

As our students and teachers head into a new school year, I believe that God wants to grow and bless each and every one of them. I’ve asked them to examine their lives and find if there are any areas in their life that God is wanting to prune, things that are choking them from receiving the full blessing of God. We should also examine ourselves. Are we continuing to operate at 75%? 50%? What things do we need to let go of so that we won’t simply enjoy a blessing for ourselves but be able to be a blessing and like our plant cause new life to spring around us? I pray that God would put His finger on those things and give us the strength and courage to trust Him and let the Master Gardener do His work.


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Marriage Moment - October 2014 http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/ministries/marriage-moment/marriage-moment-october-2014 http://www.stpaulsbrick.org/ministries/marriage-moment/marriage-moment-october-2014 Marriage Moment
Brian Collis
October 2014

And behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and strong wind tore into the mountains and broke the rocks in pieces before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake; and after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice. - 1 Kings 19:11-12

The world we live in is full of wind, and fire and earthquakes… both literal and figurative. Some are beyond our control, but far too many of them we willingly choose and accept in our lives. These are the things in our lives that prevent us from hearing God’s still, small voice.

The passage from 1 Kings is among my favorite scriptures. I love thinking about the fact that God, in all his omniscience could certainly yell to get our attention, and woe be to the one he’s raising his voice at. Instead though, he speaks quietly, forcing us to choose to listen if we want to hear. Think of all the times in the New Testament that Jesus says “Let those who have ears to hear, listen.”

Do we? Do we have ears to hear the words God has in store for us? He has plans for us all, plans for our benefit, plans for his kingdom, but if we don’t listen then we miss out. My challenge this month for everyone is work at developing “ears to hear.” The first step is to stop.

That’s the 180 to pull this month, the complete change from a behavior the world tells us is normal: if you are constantly on the go, running and doing, stop. I know the very thought of stopping causes some people alarm. The thought of being still, and just listening is not always comfortable. Do it anyway. We have grown far too comfortable with the busyness, the frantic running about. School has started, and kids have their multitude of activities, as do we all: work and clubs and sports and boards and associations all clamor for our time, our energy and our attention. Pick a time during the week where you can sit and do none of it, even just for a little while.

Make it a point to share this time with your spouse. The Lord has plans for you as a couple as well. If our marriages are supposed to show the world a picture of what God’s love is, then you have to be on the same page with what those plans are. Talk, pray, dream, and listen intently for His voice together. As it says in Jeremiah 29:13:

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.

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