Pastors Pen - January 2014
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Pastor's Pen
January 2014

by Pastor Alan Darby

poinsettiaDear Friends,

At Christmas, Christians have a great opportunity to share their faith with friends and family. One great witnessing strategy is to take advantage of the sights, sounds and symbols of the season. For example, have you ever wondered why churches and homes are often adorned with poinsettia plants at Christmas? A colleague of mine recently shared this with me and I thought it was worth passing along.

The POINSETTIA plant is a holiday plant that is often found in church sanctuaries across the land. These plants are native to Mexico where they were considered symbols of the Star of Bethlehem. POINSETTIAS get their name from the first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Joel Poinsett. He brought the plants back to the states in 1828.

Mexican legends say that a boy who had no gift to give to the Baby Jesus gave all that he had … a bundle of sticks. He brought the sticks to the manger where he laid them at the feet of the new born King. His friends laughed, but the twigs soon bloomed into beautiful red flowers. Those flowers came to be known as POINSETTIAS.

Whether star or story or poinsettias at Christmas, all point to Jesus, the real reason for the season. Whenever we see one of these beautiful flowers, let’s pause and think of Him and look for opportunities to share Christ with others. “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

In His Regard, Pastor Al

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