Pastors Pen - April 2017
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Pastor's Pen
April 2017
by Pastor Alan Darby

Dear Friends,

As I write this we are in the middle of our Lenten Study entitled, “A Journey through Lent: Reflecting on Christ’s Sacrifice for Us”. I trust you have found the devotional readings and Bible studies to be as powerful as I have. Each week, our study guide reminds us that “Lent is a season of joyful repentance.” We are reminded that repentance is joyful because the goal is to bring renewal to our lives.” This is striking to me because I usually associate repentance with being grieved over my own sin to the point of confession and turning away from sinful practices…not exactly joyful. Yet, I am reminded that the Bible says that, “its God’s kindness that leads us to repentance” not His judgment or wrath. (Rom. 2:4) Later in Paul’s letter to the Romans (12:1) he urges, “in view of God’s mercy, to offer (our) bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to the Lord”. If we could only be so captivated by God’s kindness, mercy and grace we would be drawn to submit to His purposes in our lives. Then we would be completely converted and transformed by His love instead of guilt and fear. O what glorious freedom that grace provides for motivation in righteousness and holiness!

We have been studying specific psalms that are helping us in times of self-examination, difficulty, and spirituals dryness, so that they may lead us to see our need of grace and teach us to long again for Jesus’ redemption and resurrection. As we continue to build up towards Holy week, the week of Jesus’ journey to the cross, let us begin to see that nothing less than His sacrificial death is required to heal us and make us new. Indeed, nothing more is needed either. These psalms are teaching us to pray so that this truth will penetrate our hearts. This is clearly God’s perfect plan for revival and renewal of our hearts. As we approach this dramatic celebration during this holy season, let us rejoice in Christ’s sacrifice for us and the resurrection victory He has won for us!

In His Regard,

Pastor Al

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