Circuit Rider Letter - June 2013
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Circuit Rider Letter
June 2013

by Pastor John DiGiamberardino

This is my final Circuit Rider article as your pastor. As I sit here at my desk surrounded by boxes, I am reflecting on our ministry here over the last 10 years. I thank God for the opportunity to serve here at St. Paul’s in (Herbertsville) Brick.

When I was asked to move here 10 years ago, I knew very little about Brick Township and the surrounding area. When the district superintendent called me and asked me to pray about coming here, I initially had mixed feelings. A friend and I came up late that night and drove around Brick. We drove by the church, the parsonage, and around the community. I was praying the whole time seeking God’s will. I did not want to leave Port Republic but knew if I said I would meet with the Pastor Parish Relations Committee here, unless there was a major concerns, it would be a done deal. At that time I had served in Port Republic for 10 years. I called back the Superintendent and said yes. I remember coming up for the interview/ introduction, which lasted almost three hours.

Leaving one church and going to another is very stressful. There are people that you shared life and death experiences with. Relationships are formed and strengthened. Ministry and ideas are shared. You really get to know one another. It is difficult to leave but when God does the leading, it is always the right thing to do. Over the last 10 years here, we have seen God do so many things and use so many people. I have seen people grow and mature in their faith and I have seen babies I have baptized grow into little boys and girls. I praise God for the physical things we can see that have changed as well as those lives that have been changed by the grace of God.

I praise God for the 10 years I have been able to serve here and thank you for your willingness to follow my leadership. I especially want to thank the staff here at St. Paul’s. I have seen so much of God in them. From Bill and Judy Propert I have seen steadfastness, patience and flexibility. From Peggy Blomquist I have seen a quiet and sensitive spirit. From Barbara Estelle I have seen a whole-hearted commitment to the ministries of this church and to the Lord. From Matt Kay I have seen humility and a growing confidence in God. And from Janice Weissinger I have seen a willingness to help wherever is needed, creativity and personal integrity.

I praise God for the staff and people of St. Paul’s. I know God still has great things or this church family in the days and years ahead as you listen and do God’s will. The history of this church is still being written, God’s mission is still being carried out and St. Paul’s is still ministering in the name of Christ as it has since 1876. To the Glory of God.

Thank you again for the privilege of serving as your pastor for the last 10 years.

Pastor John

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