Youth News - July/August 2011
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July/August 2011
by Matt Kay

Imagine being lost in a place that is completely unfamiliar to you. There are no landmarks to help you identify where you are and how you find your way home. Because you don’t recognize anything, your own ideas and thoughts prove to be unreliable in helping you find your way. The strangers that you meet along the way offer you different suggestions on where you are and where you can go from here. One offers you a map of Ohio, another of New Jersey, another points to your left and marks that direction as - north, while another argues that - north is in a different direction. The confusion leaves you wondering what’s true and who to trust…

This scenario is very similar to the conflicting cultures of worldview in our present age. When it comes to the truth about some of life’s biggest questions (Who am I? Why am I here? Where is the world going? What happens when I die?), people offer hundreds of suggestions - all claiming to be - true.

Furthermore, we live in an age that celebrates relativism (the idea that truth is subject to a person’s point of view) over absolute truth. The idea that - All religions basically teach the same thing, and that - All religious points of view are equally valid, is a common result of this pluralistic point of view. But the problem with relativism is that you have to believe its point of view is absolutely true in order to make such a statement. Relativism relies upon absolute truth in order to make its point. It’s a self defeating doctrine.

The reality is that we all believe in absolutes, and what we must actually learn to discern is which of our - absolutes are absolutely true. And when it comes to life’s biggest questions, we need to remember that we and other people can prove to be unreliable sources from our limited vantage point. Thank God that we have Him, who, knowing our need and our inability to solve these issues for ourselves, came and revealed Himself to us. Jesus said, - I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me (John 14.6). Yes, absolute Truth can be known, and that Truth is a wonderful Person - the matchless Savior, Jesus Christ!

May you find yourself, in a world full of competing - truths, knowing the Truth who sets us free!

Matt Kay

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