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by Hector Meza

Hector Meza is our new Director of Youth Activities.
He will be joining the church staff in June.

Most of us dread changes and transitions because they can place us in unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations. Though God is in control, we recognize that transitions can be scary and messy. I guess that’s why over and over in the Scriptures, we see God calling His people to prepare for the coming change by seeking His face. We see this in the story of Joshua as God commanded Him and the Israelites to, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do great wonders among you.” The people sought out God then saw Him miraculously lead them into the Promised Land. We see this when Jesus instructed His believers to wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit descended on them. The people waited and prayed, and then God empowered them to change the world.

I believe that before entering into a great movement, God calls His people to draw close to Him. God uses the time we spend with Him to demonstrates His care, love, and faithfulness to us in a special way. We learn to trust His leading. In the stories mentioned the Israelites and the Disciples had no idea what God was about to do, and I think God liked it that way. He wanted them to trust Him to do greater than they could imagine and exhibit His faithfulness.

I think back to a transitional moment in my life. I entered college as a pre-Physical Therapy major and suffered through classes like Environmental (what does that have to do with helping people walk again?) Biology. By my junior year I was fed up and I knew that I needed a change, but changing my major my junior year meant wasting all that time and money. I came to my mother defeated and discouraged. She proceeded to read to me from the Psalms. I couldn’t tell you what psalms because all I remember is the Holy Spirit meeting with me and letting me know that everything was going to be ok. And it was ok. It was better than ok. But, I don’t think I would have made it out of that trying time had God not forced me to stop and meet with Him.

As I think about all the transitions for St. Paul’s and the lives of the members and staff, I know that we can rest in the fact that God knows what He’s up to. He is good and He is in control. Our challenge, however, is to take the time to meet with Him, to consecrate ourselves so that God can do great things tomorrow. How is God calling you to consecrate yourself? Is He calling you to a season of increased prayer, fasting, worship, service or Scripture reflection? What is the great thing that God is tugging at your heart to do?

As we wrestle with the coming transitions, like Jacob wrestling with the Angel of the Lord, we can rest in the words of security that God gave Joshua when He commanded him, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” As we look to the future, can we rather look upwards to a heavenly Parent who loves us so intensely that He goes before us and with us.


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