Marriage Moment - June 2017
Written by Brian Collis   
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Marriage Moment
Brian Collis
June 2017


When we get married, we state our intentions of love to our fiancée before God and witnesses. We take vows. A vow (noun) is defined as:


a solemn promise committing oneself to an act, service, or condition.


By these vows we are stating our commitment to the institution of marriage, and to our spouse. When we commit (verb) , we most likely are thinking of this definition:


to bind or obligate, as by pledge or assurance


But there is another definition of commit.


to entrust, especially for safekeeping


Does this idea, that you are entrusting yourself to your marriage for your well-being,  change the way you think about your union? It should. Too often people today think of marriage (and by extension their spouse) as needing to make them happy, but safekeeping doesn’t necessarily mean happy. Well-being and happiness are not the same. As humans, the things we want are often not the things we need and vice versa.



As Christians we believe that God has plans for us, and those plans are for our benefit and for the advancing of His kingdom. God tells us through the prophet Jeremiah. (29:11)


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Prosperity, hope, a future… no mention of happiness. God’s goal is our holiness, and for those of us who are led to marry, marriage plays a huge part in that.


It is key to remember that the safekeeping is not passive though. It’s not like we are locking ourselves away in a vault to protect us from the world outside. The definitions of VOW and COMMIT listed above work in concert; Through your vows you are committing yourself to your spouse's well being, and by that you entrust yourself to the union for your well-being. Working to meet your spouse’s needs, loving and caring for them is what’s best for you. It’s often said that helping others is the best thing to help yourself, that making others happy is the best way to bring ourselves joy. The leadership expert Jim Rohn said “Help others get what they want, and you’ll get everything you want.” This is true in marriage as well as in life.


Think on this, and commit yourself to your marriage in every sense of the word.


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